Thursday, October 26, 2017

My Little One is Growing...

I suddenly felt jealous.

Yes, when her little hand slowly slipped off mine and she held the teacher's hand who was going to take her interaction session for school admission. The teacher took her towards the classroom. She seemed undaunted. Since morning I was thinking that my niece will get little scared seeing new faces at new school and was worried whether she will speak up or not. But at this moment, I was just envious.

Couple of minutes back, she was asking me to tie her shoe laces. I now see her removing her shoes by herself before entering the classroom. I was witnessing something I was not prepared of.

My fingers were crossed beneath my cellphone, all the while she was inside the classroom. I was trying to peep inside and figure out what was going on. I saw her sitting comfortably on a little chair talking to the teacher, picking activity blocks from different corners of the room, trying to fix some puzzles given to her, count some pencils and smile. She was enjoying this process - her first interaction session for school admission. And I with her mother was standing outside as if she is writing her board exams.

She comes out of the room and the teachers tells - your kid is really good, happy and active. We knew all of this, but then I realised what our parents used to feel when our neighbours, teachers or relatives appreciated us. The feeling of pride took over the jealousy.

I looked at her and said- "you did really well". It didn't affect her much. She asked me back - "what did I do?" I didn't have an answer for her; she didn't wait for one either and ran towards the bakery.

Most precious moment for me was when the Principal shook hands with her and said - "Congratulations! Welcome to our School" and she confidently smiled and said "Thank you!".

Was that for real? I was thinking in my head. Not her selection...hehe... but the way my little one was carrying herself. I don't know how to carry myself till now.

It was a moment of truth for me that my little one is growing.

Kashwi, when you grow up as a beautiful girl, I hope you find little time to read this space to know how much proud you made us feel on this day.

I love you.

Noopur :)

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