Friday, April 28, 2017

Hey, Dusht Raavan! Seetaji ko Sorry bolo

Bad days happen to best of us. 

One day it happened to me and I was thinking about the goodness of carefree days of my childhood while going back to home from work. I was tired. I didn't want to talk to anyone. 

'Knock Knock' I banged the door. 

As soon as the door opened, I heared a cute voice calling me 'Hey, Dusht Raavan! Aaj aap jaldi kyun nahi aye?'

That's my niece. Kashwi. I call her Kashu. 

Listening to her, I got into my role and informed her "Ramji, office me kaam tha'.

'Dusht Raavan' She tells me again as her problem was bigger than mine. Why didn't I come home on time when she had to go for swimming classes? 

For about an hour or so, she showed how upset she was with me with all her actions like 'I want to play with dadi', Mumma hi khana khilayegi', 'You go back to Bhopal', 'Papa is my favourite'. I don't know if anyone would it believe or not, but I was jealous. Now I had to make the best attempt to win her. 

I decided to use the राम बाण!   

'Kashu, pata hai ek baar kya hua?'

She came running to me and asked 'Kya?'

I smiled at her innocence-filled act and curiosity to learn a new story. 

Now I decided to talk about her favourite story of her favourite character Ramji. When I started telling her any situation, she completed it in her cute little version.  She got all excited at Ramji's win over Raavan at the end of story.

'Seetaji Seetaji, aap khan ho?' She screamed.

I being Raavan told her 'Seetaji ko maine Ashok Vatika me band kar diya hai'.

'Dusht Raavan, Main apki pitty kar dunga, talwar...nahi dhanush se' She warned me. 

I begged 'Please Ramji, mujhe jane do, Sorry'

'Achha, next time aise nahi karna, ok? Seetaji ko sorry bolo.'

I was amazed with her interpretation of whole situation. According to her Raavan committed a mistake and once he realised his mistake, he apologised, so he had to be forgiven. Isn't it wonderful in her own beautiful world of understanding? 

I forgot about all the stress I had and slept smilingly thinking about unexpected end to our Ramleela that day.  

Kashu makes me laugh even when I am most tired, stressed, agitated or angry' She has this beautiful ability to see silliness in everything and to find joy all around her. She notices little things and makes them beautiful.

I hope someday, sometime, when you grow up as a beautiful girl, you find time (and this blog link...hehe) to read this little write up about you bringing smile to my face and filling my life with millions of colors. 

I love you!

Noopur :)

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