Saturday, July 29, 2017

When I look back...

From a beautiful place which is rarely recognised by people in the map of India to today, it has been quite a long and interesting journey that I had. When I look back, I feel I have evolved a lot as a person. My journey through gradual lifestyles has shaped me into a person I am today. 

I won't shy away from admitting  that when I was moving to Bhopal from my hometown for higher studies, I had three simple wishes in my heart that -

  • I learn how to use internet
  • I learn how to ride a two wheeler in a big city (for me, that time) like Bhopal
  • I communicate with people in English properly (Though I was a good literature student and orator, but never had an environment where we converse in English, so had a fear of it)

This was me some 10-12 years back. I get a smile on my face whenever I remember these wishes of mine as a kid. People who know me today might not believe that I have a been a big time introvert in my life. Thanks to my life's journey so far that has taken me to different cities where I found some beautiful people to learn from, to live with and to grow with. 

Out of all the cities I have been to, Bhopal is definitely closest to my heart. I got a new perspective  growing in the city which is so peaceful, calm, mature and loving.  Not to forget my graduation days and the wonderful people I met and became friends with. They are with me even today. 

Then comes Mumbai. Phew! What should I say about this place? This is where I started to unleash my potentials and shine. There I worked with a bunch of nicest people. They were no less than a family away from family for me. They made me smile, laugh, cry, learn, travel and what not. Here I realised the importance of being appreciated for your work. I still miss them. 

Well, I was not happy when I came to Bengaluru from Mumbai initially but this city has given me a lot. From becoming a post-graduate, working with world's biggest advertising firm, being an aunt to most amazing niece to getting a touch of entrepreneurship, I owe a lot to you Bengaluru! The only complain I have is getting nice food for my taste-buds. 

Now coming back to my roots, Banapura. This is the place I was born and brought up and l feel blessed to be grown up there.  It has given me my best friend from childhood with whom it doesn't matter whether we meet and talk or not for months but the bond remains intact. 

The education that I had, values that I imbibed, writing skills that I could work on, and the simplicity I experienced is never seen anywhere else. I feel proud being a farmer's daughter whose examples people give for his handwork and intelligence, having a doting mother who left her teaching career to take care of me and my brother's education, having an elder brother who makes sure that I don't have to undergo any hardship in life and a younger sister who always protects me from the world (Yes Mun, you!) as she believes that I am too innocent to handle the world.
When I look back, I thank God for the kind of life he has given me.  

Also, I thank him for blessing me with a cute niece, a naughty nephew and my bhabhi who is sometimes a mother to me and sometimes a sister.

Yet, miles to go before I sleep.

Noopur :)

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