Friday, December 30, 2016

Me and Mr. Donald Reinertsen

I will be showing you the time cards for how much time is left to speak from the back of conference hall, is that ok? - I asked consciously. 

"Noopur, I am the first one to speak today. I have equal responsibility to keep the schedule as per the plan, like you as an organiser. It is my responsibility too. You please do your job of showing time cards without worries. I will keep a check on time" He replied smilingly.

This is Mr Donald Reinertsen. Lovingly we call him, Don.

My interaction with him had been a learning experience. I found him extremely humble; a person who doesn't boast about himself; whose ideas speaks for him.

Mr Donald Reinertsen is;

1. Situationally Aware : A day before to the conference, we learned that it is Bandh in Bangalore. We were worried for a lot of stuffs, from operations to execution of the event. Amidst all this, Don has understood the situation, woke up early and reached the venue early in the morning to avoid any hassles and to boost our confidence. Being the Keynote of the event, he had been situationally aware and used his emotional intelligence at that time.

He began his speech with, "Namastey, Kaise hain aap?' which is so rare to hear even from the Indian speakers nowadays.

2. Don Puts Others First : He was going to speak at first on Day 2 of the event. Being the host, I usually ask speakers to reach 10 minutes before their session to be ready. To my shock, Don had reached half an hour early to me and had given me enough time to set up his session. I was in complete awe with this gentleman.

The 2-3 days interaction with Don has left me with a lot of things to carry in my life.

There is a long list of how he affected me - coming soon!

Keep reading this space.

Noopur :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Singlehood makes me Stronger!

Hi, I am Noopur, 29, Single. Not alone.

Well, with no offence to all the married people, singlehood sometimes feels like a blessing in disguise to me. I am sure you guys lead a very wonderful, happy & complete life, and I wish you much more happiness in life; but mine is also no less than beautiful story.

Somebody loving you must be a great feeling.

A lot of times I have been asked - 'Are you single?' with so much pity. Let me tell you people, I am SINGLE - Not ALONE. 

I am blessed with a loving family, doting parents, encouraging friends and a fulfilling job. Yes! The quote that best describes me is;

'I am perfect in my imperfections, happy in my pains, strong in my weaknesses and beautiful in my own ways. I am who I meant to be. I am my past, my present and who I want to be. I am not anyone, I am all three. I am work in progress, a destiny. I am who I choose to be.'

I have my times of feeling bored, low, unwanted and not valued. That can happen to anyone. Right? Why to associate it with being single? In fact, being single gives me more power in such situations, because I am aware that I have to get back on my own and take things on my stride. I own my happiness, my sorrows. 

Over time, I stared looking at singlehood as an opportunity to explore my innermost being, nurture it and love it.  I don't say that being single is like having a bed of roses in paradise. I would sound cynic. My intent is not to tell you that you should never spend your life with someone. Someone once told me 'We all need someone to share our lives with'. Yes, we do. But can't stop our life for it. 

I want my life to be so beautiful that when I find someone, it is worth sharing with him. 

I get time to retrospect, recognise my flaws. 
I love to contribute to enrichment of lives around me.  
I pursue my passions. I spend time with my parents and family. 
The most blessed is spending innocence-filled time with my niece. She teaches me how to live a happy life. 
I deal with my emotional exhaustion with my conscious. 

There are emotionally hard times too when a voice inside me says 'Damn! Will I be able to handle it?' I then pat my back and say 'Challenge Accepted'.

I grow stronger with each passing day.

Cheers to Singlehood!

Noopur :)

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